Villa Pane Resort Sorrento


Welcome to the most tranquil and relaxing area of Sorrento.

Surraunded by luxuriant vegetation our villa offers Hospitality all the year round.

This is made possible by careful reconstruction which gives one the taste of the old and the modern ways of life.

It is an ideal place for lovers of nature, of taking walks and for discovering one of the most uncontaminated places of Sorrento.

The Villa, situated in a position which is panoramic, sunny and tranquil offers many benefits for spending a holiday. The classic style villa was built by the Pane family in 1969and it is surrounded by splendid roses, orange and lemon groves, Therefore, during the course of the years the idea of giving hospitality to tourists grew. Hospitality which would be simple and genuine. The family proprietors have already given such satisfaction to friends and family and today they are also giving this to tourists.

Luigi and Anna Maria Pane are a couple of Sorrento and for several years they have decided to transform the family villa into a Bed & Breakfast. Their sons Gianluigi and Tonino are also involved in this project. The natural kindness of the Pane family is such that the villa becomes the most pleasant and satisfyng place for a holiday.

With good weather it is possible to eat in the open on the patio in front of the villa. This is often possible because on the coast the weather is often very good. There is also a swimming pool ,it is not much bigger then a well, but it is a well of water from which you can enjoy the view of the lemon trees.

Breakfast is genuine and abondant and the dishes prepared by Signora Anna Maria have then refinement without the exaggeration which is typical of the wonderful country-style home-made food.

The Pane family has a genuine interest in life modelled upon nature: the food provided comes almost exclusively from the family garden and the extra virgin-oil, their own produce.

At Villa Pane a type of refuse collection is used whereby paper, plastic, and metal are recycled. Solar panels make Villa Pane self sufficient for electric energy necessary for central heating and for the water.

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