Villa Pane Resort Sorrento


This is a type of holiday centred in a peaceful country setting where local products and the paceful atmosphere can be enjoyed.

It was in 1990 when Luigi Pane, who was bornand had grown up in a country family,decided, together with his wife Anna Maria to acquire the agricultural property adjacent to the family Villa.

Their intention has always been one to conserve and hand down the precius family resources to the new generation and to offer their guests the possibilities to get to know the true characteristic of the Sorrentine Peninsula. That which exists as well as the beaches and the worldliness of Sorrento in general. The guests learn that there is much more to Sorrento than they thought.

The characteristic mentioned above consists of the constant presume of lemons- the summit of the olive trees become almost silvery. All this beauty to the typical green Mediterranean mass of colour. Unfortunately, this colour fades at the hills descend to the sea.

The Pane family offers above all a warm and gracious welcome, and with years of stable experience and contact with Italian and foreing visitors, a professional hospitality is guaranteed to all who choose to spend a holiday amongst the peace and the splendour of the sorrentine peninsular and to discover, there fore, the antique flavours of our beloved land.

In this oasis, immersed in uncontaminated nature, far from chaos and surrounded only by light sounds of nature, it is possible to taste the products of the farm of the Villa Pane.

Liquers, such, as Liumoncello, Mirtillo, Nocino, Finocchietto, - preserved and jam gathered directly from the trees of the orchard of Villa Pane; also extra virgin olive oil and products from the from the garden which are preserves in oil ( sottoilio). All our delicious products by craftsmen using antique methods and traditions, always conserving genuinity and quality.

Today Mr and Mrs Pane are helped in this business by their suns Antonino & Gianluigi who do their best to make your stay a unique moment of joy, pleasure and complete relax.


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Villa Pane is located on a hill, near the center of Sorrento and green trails, which can be reserved for those who love intense moments of silence and enjoy emotions by listening to themselves and nature.

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