Villa Pane Resort Sorrento

The Cooking School

During your holiday in the Sorrentine Peninsular you have the oppurtunity to become involued in many activities organised at Villa Pane.

This involves the initiative studied and arganised to give guests of Agriturismo the possibility to participate actively in the life of the area and give them the possibility to become acquitted with the culture of the Sorrentine Peninsular and the Amalfitan Coast .For this there are classic excursions to the places of interest to tourists.

The programme includes a visit to a farm. This visit begins with the olive trees from which the olives are used to make extra virgin oil which is used in the preparation of dishes of the area. Then there is a walk through the kitchen garden, the garden, the shelter for the animals and a small show room of the products: vegetables, fruit ,oil and wine.

Our guest live the tradition of country cooking actively as at the villa they are able to cook personally with the staff. They cook marvellous dishes or main courses which can then be sampled on the Patio in front of the Villa.

All these dishes use products of typical Mediterranean cooking.

Same examples of the dishes that are prepared include:
Above all, fresh pasta cut and filled in many different ways such as- ravioli, lasagne, cannelloni, spaghetti, fettuccine, scialatielli, etc……
The famous Neapolitan Pizza…..fresh local fish prepared using various recipes , using in particular the e virgin oil produced by us and all the biologic product come from our kitchen-garden, and our garden in general.
Other food prepared includes local meat and vegetables from the kitchen garden.

Apart from main dishes pastry and cakes are made…. Caprese cake with lemon, pie (cake) with ricotta and pears, typical tarts of the farm –house and other pastries particularly requested for.

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